Singing to daddy

Daddy’s dinner choice tonight was Costa Rican food, followed by French pastries and desserts – quite the international experience! We got to enjoy our yummy sweets at home, after Zach blew the candle and licked the chocolate cake while Zoey devoured all the fruit toppings.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy 2014!!!

First New Years at the new house and the kids stayed up like little troopers! We did some karaoke, then countdown and threw confetti, and mom and dad did poppers, which unfortunately scared little Zach. We had no idea what was scaring him until he said “Mommy, I scared boom”. Then shortly afterwards he said “Mommy I sleep”, and “Night night boom”. Guess we won’t be doing poppers next year.

Peace out 2013! Can’t wait to see what little surprises and adventures 2014 will bring. 🙂