Zoey’s first time rock climbing

This little girl was climbing like a pro on her first try! My fearless climber went higher than most of the older boys and wanted to keep going, but time was up. I am so proud of her!! 🙂

Zoey’s big girl haircut

Now that Halloween is over, Zoey decided to get her (Elsa) hair cut. I finally got her to wash her hair in the sink like mommy does! And now she looks like a little lady 🙂

Happy Halloween!

This year the kids had a blast going trick or treating! Zoey had her “Elsa Posse” with her – BFF’s Bailey and Alina. They were triple teaming each house: one bangs in the door, one goes for the window, and the other presses the bell. Gotta get that candy!
Zach had his best friend Alex too, and it was the first time out for both guys. We had a few scary costumes that drove Zach to hide in the bushes, but otherwise they did great. Although, after a few houses they both decided to ride in the burley together instead.
Three Elsa’s, 2 skeletons, a fireman, race car driver, Superdad, a Giants fan and the cutest little pumpkin ever. Our crew is getting big!