Zachary’s 4th birthday party

We survived hosting an outdoor party in 95 degree weather! Phew!

This year, Zach decided to only invite a few friends to his party (his BFF’s Alex, Logan, and Zach H.) so we decided to keep it low key at nearby Westlake Park. We also invited some family friends, cousins… and nannies! It was nice and “small” (at least compared to years past) so we got to catch up with everyone and the kids all got to play together. After burgers, hotdogs and cake, the kids hit a piƱata, played with water guns, and enjoyed some (pedialyte) Popsicles to cool off.

I have to admit, this was one of the most challenging themes: Little Einsteins. Everything was discontinued, and toys on eBay were in the $40 range – crazy! Thank goodness for Google Images. It was a super fun day, despite the heat.

Last Firework post ;-)

Our traditional firework display – kids were so excited / funny thing was they remembered the product names from last year e.g. Purple Rain. Zachary and Zoey even chose some classics; picolo pete, jumping jacks, snakes, … grand finale was a new product called “neon guy” that actually smiled while lit.

Happy 4th of July!

Zarina was a trooper and stayed up enough to see a few fireworks for her first 4th of July. She wasn’t a fan of the screamers or the ones that popped loud, but enjoyed the quiet colorful ones. No tears, just lots of gripping mommy’s shoulders.