Zoey’s Valentines party

We had lots of fun at Zoey’s class party for Valentines Day. The kiddos made “love bug” bags and keychains, put a heart puzzle together in teams, played bean bag toss and threw an airplane through a huge heart hoop. Then they had cookies, treats and choc milk. I absolutely love being one of her classroom parents!! 🙂

Zoey and her BFF Cosette

Superbowl weekend

Well sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too; in Oregon more often then not.

We got to Mt. Hood traffic free too and from with time to spare to watch the Superbowl.

Zarina experienced tubing for the first time. She did awesome! Sure enough she proves to us all that she possesses dare-devil risk-like instincts of kuya and ate.

Below is a picture of her initiation.

Zarina’s first incident report

Every time I see or think about this, I can’t help but laugh!
I know we shouldn’t encourage biting or hitting, but if a kid tries to sit on you and you tell him to get off but he won’t… and he’s bigger than you? Go ahead and chomp chomp.
Oh, and she bit him on the tummy too… I’m so proud of my girl for defending herself 🙂