Chocolate for DAYS!!!!!

Last Friday, Zoey’s school had a fundraiser – Oak Creek Olympic Games. It was mostly games (of course) and a silent auction of class baskets and other packages donated from companies and parents. For the baskets, each class had a theme and parents would donate items related to it. Zoey’s class theme was a Baker’s Basket. (We bid on it but lost)

We had our eye on a firepit basket filled with s’more stuff, a game night basket (Zach wanted a Star Wars Lego thing in it) and Zoey wrote her bid down for a chocolate basket, which we ended up winning. So now we have a basket full of chocolate worth $130 that we paid $75 bucks for.

Lessons learned – don’t bid unless you actually want it, and don’t let your kids write their names on the list! Luckily Zach didn’t write a phone number down on the game night basket that was going for $200!


Well Zoey looks really comfortable playing her new sport. Here she is launching the ball into the goal with her “crosse” or stick. The group is well organized and often call water breaks. Weare happy for Zoey trying out this new sport! Afterall our city is known for this; when in Rome, do as the Romans as the saying goes.