Next hotel stop in Astoria

After a few beach stops, we headed to the next hotel in beautiful Astoria. We spent the evening indoors, enjoying smoked salmon, cheese and crackers.
The kids were excited to fall asleep and wake up to the view and sound of water and birds flying by.

Memorial Day weekend

First stop on our mini vacation to the coast was Seaside. Our hotel was 1 block away from the beach, and 2 blocks from the aquarium, where the kids got to feed seals. And there was ice cream and gelato nearby too!

Gearhart beach stop

Took a quick stop, or rather drive into Gearhart beach. We parked on the hard sand and the kids took off running – Zarina enjoyed strolling on the sand, Zoey was finding shell treasures, and Zach was using a “Thor hammer” drift wood he found and smashed all the shells he came across. THOR SMASH!