Early riser

Zoey enjoyed everday and every minute of her final summer camp with her BFF. She can now tumble and flip properly. Prior to this/ lets say she was a self-taught moonlighting gymnist using our couch as a stepping board with a pile of cushions. I am assuming her new found skills will translate to a higher degree of pillows 😉

Berry picking

Zarina gettin’ in the berry mix for the first time as she munches down a couple seen here. She’s quite brave in picking berries; these himalayan berry bushes are thorny. We had to watch her carefully; otherwise, she’d crush through the bushes. Again. We are still puzzled how she managed to be unscathed. As usual no complaint nor cry from her. She is growing up to be a fierce one; just like Ate!!!

Zach onward and upward

So we had to hide the other cupcakes; otherwise, Ms.
Zarina would of snatched them as well.

We are proud of Zach turning another year – he’s more than ready for his next step e.g. kindergarten. He’s also the confidant of Zoey and caring brother of Zarina. Very likable in school as well.