We brought our garden shovels and went clamming in the backyard of the beach house – the kids did great! We found cockles, mussels and purple varnish clams. Even found a little shrimp inside one of the mussels!

Though Zoey had a minor scratch, they still had a great time.

Spring break house on the bay shore

We were lucky to find a house right on the shoreline of Alsea Bay in Waldport. Steak dinner followed by s’mores in the backyard fire pit was the perfect end to a long day.

We woke up to the sounds of seagulls and a clear morning sunrise, beautiful from the kitchen and pretty much every room in the house.

Spring break stop #1: Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The first stop on our spring break trip to the coast was Yaquina Head Lighthouse. We couldn’t help but stare at the waves crashing below for a good 15 mins. Such a beautiful postcard view!!

Happy 9th Birthday Zoey!

Mommy joined Zoey for her annual birthday lunch treat at school, and sang happy birthday along with the whole class. Then for dinner, we took the birthday girl to her choice restaurant, John’s Incredible Pizza, for food and games. Her friend Cosette was able to come along too.

Today we celebrate Zoey’s last single digit birthday! Happiest birthday to the smartest, most headstrong and driven girl I know!

Rice crispy Christmas train

We are saving the gingerbread house for later and did a Christmas train instead (so we can eat it!). Getting into the holiday spirit!

Rice crispy treat Christmas train

Decided to try doing a Christmas train (instead of a gingerbread house) so the kids can actually eat it afterwards. It was super easy to make, the kids had a blast making it, and of course loved eating (half of) it. Definitely kept the molds and doing it again next year.